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Hi my name is teddy I was born in Oregon 
on July 2 1996 I came to Texas on sept. 15 1996
to live with my new family in Allen Texas I meet
a  new friend named chip and we played and 
had a lot of fun together after a while chip went to a new family and Sadey came to live with us when I was 6 months old I started going to dog shows I didn't like that much at first so my mom took me to school where I learned how to behave I graduated and got this neat certificate . I went to more shows and when I was 10 months old I won my first one mom said it was two points all I know is it sure was fun to win I could hardly wait to go again. I went to some more shows but mom said I was in an awkward stage and I did not win so mom decided to keep me home for a while which was ok by me cause it's not much fun when you don't win. in April of 99 we went on a long trip mom said we were going to Crosby TX for a show. I was so excited when it was my turn I just really pranced around the ring the judge really liked me a lot and I won. Mom said it was a 3point major best of all my friend Uma also won she got 2 points it was her first show. After that we went to more shows some in TX and some in OK I now have 10 points I'll be going to more shows in the fall. Mom says I'm going to be a champion someday but in my family's eyes I already am.









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